Industrial Power Generation

The Power Generation Industry continues to seek improvements to the existing power generation systems (gas, nuclear, steam, and wind).  The industry searches for better methods and measurement technologies to meet the ever increasing worldwide demands for clean and sustainable energy. In each case, the use of customized LVDTs becomes an important component in solving the challenges of power and energy improvement.

Gas Turbines

Customized Sentech LVDTs are used throughout the Industry by the major OEMs.  Typical applications include Stop Ratio LVDTs, Inlet Guide Vane LVDTs, Valve Position LVDTs and many other applications.  When you require a customized solution for your Gas Turbine application, Sentech LVDTs are the leader in the Power Generation Industry,

Steam Turbines

Customized Sentech LVDTs are used throughout Steam Turbine applications. In addition to providing custom LVDT design experience for the most demanding of applications, Sentech is also a current supplier of LVDTs to many exiting steam plants worldwide.

GE Gas Turbines

Sentech is the worldwide leading supplier of LVDTs for GE Gas Turbines.  We offer the industries fastest deliveries and product reliability to insure you keep creating power.  Sentech LVDTs are fully compliant with all specific GE requirements as well as industry requirements.  Click on the Link below for a cross reference of Sentech LVDTs with GE part numbers and see how easy it is find a replacement unit quickly.

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