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RVDT Sensors AC/AC

The Sentech RVDT Sensor is suitable for most applications where angular measurements are needed. Its output is linearly proportional to the angular position of its shaft. It features non-contact type construction: a stationary coil and rotating sensing element on the shaft.

The shaft is supported at both ends by precision ball bearings (ABEC class 7), minimizing friction. Combined with its rugged construction, not only does it offer high performance and reliability but will also resist the shocks and vibrations occurring in most industrial environments.

Mechanically capable of rotating continuously, it offers linear measurement up to ±70º. Within ±45º, linearity is better than ±0.5% of Full Scale. 

There are two linear regions 180º apart. Factory calibrates one of the two regions and marks its corresponding null position. All Sentech RVDTs are magnetically shielded and offer essentially infinite resolution only limited by signal conditioner. 

The AC/AC RVDTs require an AC voltage excitation to the primary coil and produce an AC voltage, from their secondary, proportional to shaft position. Sentech offers different diameter housing RVDTs from 1” to 1.5” dia. with either aluminum or stainless steel housing.


  • Intrinsic Safe units certified to UL, CSA and CENELEC standards
  • DC/DC units (see DC/DC data sheet)
  • Flying leads or connector termination
  • 3, 4, 5 or 6 wire configurations
  • High Temperature versions
  • Matching signal conditioner available

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