Rotary Variable Differential Transducers

RVDTs provide an extremely reliable solution for precision angular displacement (position) measurements. They are used wherever a physical quantity can be converted to rotary displacement. The construction of the device prevents direct contact between the moving and the stationary part and therefore ensures a long operational life.

We offer units with a bearing for the shaft or without a bearing. The units measure 1.50″ in outside diameter. The mounting can be a standard servo mount. Angular measurement range is 70. The mechanical range will be 360 complete.

We provide industry standard units or custom units with a cost effective solution to the application. Select either DC/DC RVDT (with integral electronics) or AC/AC RVDT and a separate signal conditioner (yours or ours). Also available are redundant units and/or certified Intrinsically Safe units for Hazardous Environments.

Typical applications include servo or other control applications or for monitoring applications. Our sensors are widely used in hydraulics as well as in equipment. An RVDT offers a reliable solution for severe environment applications.

Available Series

Custom Applications