Linear Variable Displacement Transducers

LVDT's provide an extremely reliable solution for a precise linear displacement (position) and gauging measurement. They can be used wherever a physical displacement or position needs to be converted into an electrical signal for indication or control purposes. All LVDT’s feature contactless operation ensuring long life and no degradation of performance with respect to time or number of cycles.

Units are available in industry standard sizes and specifications as well as application specific for use in O.E.M. or other special applications. Standard units can be used as replacements for other manufacturers units.

Available Series

0.750″ (19.05 mm) diameter, AC-operated LVDT
0.813″ (20.65 mm) diameter, AC-operated
Pressure Sealed AC & DC Operated LVDT’s
0.750″ (19.05 mm) diameter, 15 VDC In, 10 VDC Out
0.750″ (19.05 mm) diameter, 15 VDC In, 0-10 VDC Out
0.750″ (19.05 mm) diameter, +24 VDC In, 1-10 VDC Out
0.812″ (20.62 mm) diameter, +24 VDC In, ±/Bipolar VDC Out
0.750″ (19.05 mm) diameter, +24 VDC In, 4-20 mA Out

Custom Applications

Typical applications include servo or other control applications or for monitoring applications. Our sensors are in service in hydraulics, machine tools, material testing, semiconductor equipment, in the aerospace industry as well as military vehicles.

Sentech offers a wide variety of configurations and capabilities:

  • Outside diameters from 0.312″ (7.92 mm) to 1.500″ (38.1 mm)
  • Linear Strokes up to 70″.
  • A variety of mounting options – mounting blocks, SAE hydraulic fittings, flange mounts, brackets, etc.
  • Units with isolation tubes (pressure tubes)
  • Metric sizes and core threads
  • Units with large clearance between body and moveable core
  • Units with high stroke to body length ratio
  • Connector or Cable terminations
  • Pressure Sealed units
  • Miniature units, small package, low mass cores – high response
  • Redundant LVDT’s
  • Variety of input/output combinations for DC/DC units (see selection guide)
  • High-Temperature units
  • MIL-SPEC electronics